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by Two Rivers High School HEROES

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“We did our video on abusive dating relationships because we see it the most and have seen multiple relationships and friends being abused. Emotional abuse is so huge in dating couples. Girls emotionally abuse as much as guys and we are very aware of how this can lead to physical and sexual violence. It’s ridiculous and has to stop. Chain of Change is a part of the answer.”


Marcus on June 30

Amazing story - WONDER WOMAN was a huge part of my childhood too and we’re rouhgly the same age (I graduated HS in 1990) - check out my blog to see my article abt WW! WW fans unite!

Fani on February 16

Any time i see smnooee beeing bullied i go up to them and help them nonone should have to have a bad life because of smnooee else, they dont understand that whatever you say to smnooee can hurt their feelings and if it gets worse and worse then maybe one day they be on the cover of a newspaper saying they commited suicide and i just dont know how people can live with themselves when they cause a death.And i understand it when im 11.

Annie on October 25

My husband reigns from Two Rivers, WI - great job TRHS - you rock!



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